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  • PS14 Power Over Ethernet Switches

    • Four PoE ports in a small heavy-duty Ethernet switch, Power Source per IEEE 802.3af

    • The switch and attached PoE devices are powered from an integral -48V DC terminal block

    • Two models for two application environments: PES42H (hardened for the factory floor) and PES42P (premium-rated for outdoors)

    • RJ-45 ports support standard auto-negotiation and auto-cross to enable attaching any 10 Mb or a 100 Mb device, regular or PoE

    • Same package and DIN-Rail mounting options as the S14 Convenient Switches
    • PoE modules are also available for 6K switches.
    • Learn more about PoE
    • Power Over Ethernet - The Industrial Opportunity today, A Position Paper
    • PoE Family Page
    • Pictorial Overview
    • Press Release


          Typical Applications:

          * Connect a V0IP phone, a PoE powered digital clock, and an IP badge reader in an outdoor
             guard station into an indoors LAN using standard Ethernet twisted-pair copper cable

          * Connect an IP wireless access point in a warehouse into the factory LAN

          * For surveillance, connect a couple of outdoor PoE video cameras into a secure LAN.
             For an application example, see

         * For surveillance over fiber media, combine a PS14 with a Magnum CS14-48VDC
          Converter Switch