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  • OS5/OS9 Optical Stars Create Serial Data Networks

    For Reliable Industrial and Substation Communications

    OS5HRT and OS9HRT Optical Stars provide network designers with a convenient "hub and Dymec optical starspoke" topology capability. Optical Stars are available with either five or nine ports, with multimode and/or single-mode optics providing a full optical budget on each port. To further provide flexibility in configuring network topologies, Optical Stars can be used in Master/Slave or Peer-to-Peer mode and cascaded by simply connecting a port from one Optical Star to a port of the next (in Master/Slave mode it must be a slave port connected to the next master).

    Dymec Optical Stars are ideal for Master/Slave polling applications such as multiple meters, relays and other statistical devices as well as broadcasting IRIG-B to multiple devices where fiber offers extended range and isolation from interference. Optical Stars also allow you to take one or more devices out of service while all others continue to operate. This is invaluable in most applications.

    Optical Stars are passive to all software protocols, and ports cannot be addressed by software. Data rates from dc to 2M bps are supported. Optical Stars are optically compatible with Dymec models 5843, 5844, 5845 and 5846, as well as all 3900 Chassis serial cards and all serial optical ports of the Network Integration System products. Optical Stars are also compatible with most IEDs with embedded optical ports using amplitude modulation. These units are available in 19-inch rack mount and can be configured for panel mounting.

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    Links and Stars Presentation

    Features and Benefits
    • 5 and 9 port Fiber Optic Serial Stars enable networking of multiple Serial devices
    • Optic Serial Stars allow any Intelligent Electronic Device (IED) to de-energize without affecting the rest of the network
    • Extended distances of 5km with Multimode fiber and >25km with Single-mode fiber.
    • Data Rates: dc to 2 Mbs. Can support any mix of RS232 or 422/485 with Dymec Links.
    • Each data channel has its own diagnostic LED for easier debug during installation.
    • Operating temperature of -40C to +85C
    • Optional RS232 copper master port in place of fiber master port
    • Powered from Station battery bus.
    • Multimode and/or Single-Mode Fiber.
    • 19-inch rack or panel mount.
    • Conformal coating of PC boards.
    • Packaged in rugged, industrial quality Galvaneal and powder-coated shells.