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  • Industrial Hardened EIA 422/485 Serial Fiber Link/Repeaters

    Dymec model 5845 and 5846 Serial Fiber Links are hardened media converters and link/repeaters for EIA 422 and 485 data connections. The 5845/5846 Links provide reliable serial data connectivity over fiber optic facilities in harsh environments where immunity and signal isolation are critical. Optical connectivity provides for flexible, extended-distance connectivity, increases operational safety, reduces equipment outages due to electrical surges and improves signal quality and network performance.

    5845/5846 Links support signal rates from DC to 2 Mbps and operate either full- or half-duplex over single- or multi-mode fiber. Links are easily field-configurable for point-to-point, master/slave, loop, bus or star topologies. Logic Inversion enables interoperability with Model 5843/5844 links to mix RS232 and EIA 422/485 end devices in the same local networking configurations. The 5845/5846 also connect optically with the DynaStar Network Integration System and Optical Star products to cost-effectively create highly scaleable data networks with minimum electrical signal exposure.

    Dymec Links are substation-hardened to C37.90 and IEEE P1316 specifications. They operate in an extended temperature range and take DC power directly from station battery. Dymec Links media converters are Class 1, Div 2 certified for use in hazardous locations in the US and Canada. The Class 1, Div 2 certification mark allows use of Dymec Links in ignitable environments requiring spark-free operation. This is a requirement for many customers, particularly those in petroleum and petrochemical applications, where hazardous ignitable environments abound. Flexible mounting options, diagnostic LEDs and integrated optical and electrical signal test features make turning up a Link network simple.

    For Reliable Utility and Industrial Communications

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    Features and Benefits

    • Signal protection and electrical isolation for data connections and devices
    • Hardened to C.37.90, IEEE P1316
    • Operates 40 to +85C with no fans
    • Class 1, Div 2 certified for use in hazardous locations
    • Powered from Station Battery Bus to C37.90 or 12 Vdc
    • Point-to-point, master/slave, loop, star and bus topologies
    • Extends 5 km over multi-mode fiber and 30 km over single-mode fiber
    • Interoperates with other Dymec products, including RS232 links
    • Diagnostic LEDs and test features for easy debug of installation
    • Built-in mounting brackets and optional mounting shelf
    • Rugged, industrial quality Galva Neal and powder coated shells
    • Conformal coated PC Boards
    • 5-year warranty

    FAQ--Serial Links