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  • Environmental Standards for Networking Devices
    Installed in Electric Power Substations

    IEC 61850 and IEEE 1613

    IEC 61850 

    The IEC 61850 standard defines a next-generation architecture for communications networks and systems in substations. It covers all aspects of the communications between devices in the substation and the related systems.

    IEC61850-3 refers to IEC 870-2-2 “Telecontrol equipment and systems – part 2: Operating conditions – section 2: Environmental conditions (climatic, mechanical and other non-electrical influences)”. To be compliant with IEC 61850, Ethernet products must meet or exceed the specifications.

    Click here for GarrettCom's technical paper titled "Integrated Substation Network Architectures," with emphasis on IEC 61850.     Paper                  Presentation

    For presentation explaining the IEC 61850 standard overview for users in greater detail, click here. (Presented by GE Multilin and Sisco at SIPSEP 2004.)

    Introduction to the IEC 61850 Protocol Course - Offered by GE Multilin

    Magnum IEC 61850 compliant products include:

    IEEE 1613

    The IEEE1613 standard defines the environmental conditions present in electric power substations and establishes a common reproducible basis for designing and evaluating communications networking devices to be installed in these substations.

    Learn more about IEEE 1613 Class 2 for Substations

    See also Magnum products with 125V DC power.