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  • Magnum MNS-6K Software for 6K & 10K
    Managed Switches

    Magnum MNS-6K Software

    ...for Magnum 6K and 10K-series switches

    To download the latest software for 6K switches, go to

    To download the latest software for 10K switches, go to

    SNMP, rich commands including access control
    SNMPv3 for encrypted authentication & access security
    Secure Web Management, graphical user interface
    RMON with statistics, history, alarms and events
    GUI with Hubview/Bitview support, dynamic banners
    CLI with multi-level Password Security
    Ease-of-use features include: EXPORTLOG, User-based Access Control, AUTO Boot Mode, Editable System Prompt, Editable System Prompt, GUI Configuration Options
    Dynamic ARP - Address Resolution Protocol
    VLANs, Tag-based, with GVRP - Includes support for VLAN hopping, VLAN security, VLAN tagging, and VLAN trunking
    Modbus protocol
    -- Support for the Modbus protocol over TCP/IP.
    Spanning Tree Protocol - The IEEE 802.1d standard Spanning Tree Protocol provides interoperable support for redundant paths.
    Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP-2004), 802.1w
    BPDU Guard - Bridge Protocol Data Unit Guard
    Link-Loss-Learn (LLL) for fast switch buffer flush
    S-Ring™ product for Self-healing Rings
    QoS, multi-level 802.1p, 802.1q ToS and DiffServ
    IGMP Snooping (v1, v2, v3)
    IGMP-L2 with Multicast Message Filtering or Pruning
    IGMP , client and server support, multiple sessions
    Telnet, client and server support, multiple sessions
    Security on Telnet Remote Access
    Port Security, controlled access by MAC address
    Alarm Relay Contact, for s/w indication of traps and events
    Port Mirroring for selective traffic analysis
    Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP)for both 10Mb/s and 100Mb/s
    Port Rate Limiting
    for broadcast traffic
    Dual-Homing with user-selectable port-pair; choice of failover-to-backup or primary-secondary modes
    Event Log for the 1000 most recent events
    Port Settings Control, copper and fiber ports
    SMTP provides email alerts of traps and event
    SNTP with world-wide time zones
    IP Support for SNMP both TCP/IP and UDP/IP
    IPv6 and IPv4 stacks support
    FTP, Passive FTP & TFTP for load/save convenience
    BootP/DHCP for auto-configuration
    MIB support for ABB's 800xA Aspect Object Architecture
    Updates and documentation over the Internet
    OEM Customization

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